She Called Action

a chat for the modern ages

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She Called Action is a podcast, IGTV and TikTok Channel that shares the stories of women in entertainment.  Women, who have declared that they support other women. Women, who are committed to and dedicated to making a difference in a male dominant industry.


"There's power in our stories. When women share how they got to where they are, they are gifting other women a road map and letting them know that the road has been paved. That's pretty damn powerful."

-Rodes Phire

Show Host

"Being able to produce a podcast that is a compilation of women who support other women is a true gift. It will take all of us to rise and make a difference and I feel honored to say, "I'm a part of that.""

-Mackenzie Jeffrey

Producer Season 2

Meet our intern...

Barenya Das

Barenya joins the team to learn more about female empowerment and align with a community of women supporting women. She's into music, loves to sing and plays field hockey. When she's not singing or playing hockey, she's volunteering. We adore her and think you will too!.